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We accommodate all areas of South Africa, we offer fittings in Durban and Gauteng.


We import our own prints directly from Indonesia. We also source and import special fabrics depending on your needs.


We are constantly innovating, and launching new styles. We believe corporate wear should not only be functional, but fashionable too.

Many corporate clothing companies use the same source of fabric suppliers and often a print becomes saturated in the market. BS Corporate Wear has taken the initiative to source its own prints direct from Indonesia, which are exclusive to our clients as well as carry a wide range of prints and plains sourced locally.

We are also able to import special fabrics for clients who want their own identity or who want to incorporate their logo in the fabric design.

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We are a young, innovative team that keeps up with fashion trends that are incorporated into the new styles which we launch regularly. Our corporate wear is not only functional but also fashionable, affordable and trendy.

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